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T1000 is a rotating table for semiautomatic jar filling. It can use jars, cans or glass bottles with diameter range from 45 to 95 mm (wider on request). It is a handy solution for small and middle scale production.

Maximum capacity is 700 units per hour. If attched filling machine DKL it is 700 500g units and if is DKL2 used, it turns out 700 1kg units per hour.

The jar has to be placed manually, the table rotates and positions the jar in the filling position, filling is activated by the jar, and full jar goes to tables exit area. Optical, magnetic and mechanical sensors and Siemens microcontroller makes the machine operating fast, precise and reliable.

By attaching filiing unit to the table, it becomes part of the machine. Standard filling units are DKL and DKL2.

T1000 T1000

Technical data
Capacity per hour: 700 units
Voltage: 220V or 110V on request
Power: 0.2 kW
Compressed air:
- pressure 6 bar
- consumption 10 lit/min / with DKL 50lit/min / with DKL2 90lit/min
- diameter 45-95 mm
- height 25-180 mm
Honey temperature: 40°C
Weight: ~ 110 kg
Height: 75 cm
Width: 100 cm
Lenght: 140 cm
Honey container: none (direct connection to homogenizer or drum)
Price eur: Please ask

Filling machines:
Rotation speed control