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Semiautomatic labeling machine for use with cylindrical containers (bottles, jars, cans..) diameter from 20 mm up to 150 mm (wider on special request). The machine is handy solution for small and medium scale production.
Maximum capacity is 700 labels per hour.
The container has to be placed into the machine and with one press to the button (foot switch) the label will be attached to the container. Photocell label sensor enables precise label positioning and rotating cylinders system sticks label perfectly to the container surface. It is posible to upgrade the machine with optional date coder and counter with printing device.


Technical data
Capacity (labels/hour): 700 max.
Voltage: 220V or 110V on request
Power: 0.3 kW
Compressed air:
- pressure 6 bar
- consumption 30 lit/min / only for date encoder and counter /
- lenght 8-250 mm
- width 8-140 mm
Stepper motor speed 1 - 30 m/min
Dimensions (h x l x w) cm: 100 x 60 x 56 cm

1. Date encoder
2. Counter with printer