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The purpose of the machine consists in the production of plastic cups, filling them with liquid or pastes (honey, jam...), sealing and cutting single container with 15 to 30g dose. Containers are made of PVC foil 0.3mm thick, shaped as shown below, and closed with alu-foil. The machine is fully automatic, controlled by microprcessor controll unit, with most operations conducted pneumatically.


Technical data
APL 1000 2000
Number of forms: 1 2
Capacity per hour: 1000 pieces 2000 pieces
Voltage: 220V or 110V on request
Power: 1 kW 1,7 kW
Compressed air:
- pressure 6 bar 6 bar
- consumption 300 l/min 360 l/min
Cooling water: 0,5 lit/min 0,7 lit/min
Weight: ~ 220 kg ~ 250 kg
Foil rolls:
- inside diam. 65-80 mm
- outside diam. 350 mm
- width 70 mm 128 mm
Honey temp. 40°C
Honey container: none (direct connection to homogenizer or drum)
Price eur: Please ask

Automatically carried out operations:

1. container SHAPING - Containers are shaped as shown using vacuum.

2. FILLING - Filling is fixed on one volumetric value (no adjustment), so in order to change the quantity, the filling unit must be changed, which is a quick, simple, and easy operation.

3. CLOSING - Plasticized alu-foil, printed with "endless pattern" labels, and 0.038 mm tick, is used to cover container. It is sealed on by a heating press. There is the possibility of upgrading the labeling procedure so as to obtain round labels, by installing a label centering unit.

4. CUTTING - An air pressure cutter is used to cut single doses.

1. Additional filling unit
2. Optional adjustable filling unit
3. Date coding unit
4. Label centering control unit
5. CE protective and safety devices
6. Non-standard vessel shape
7. Single dose jar filling table


Guarantee - 12 months electrical and 36 months mechanical parts